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Interview with Roli

It was a pleasure to catch up with my old pal, Roli, this week to discuss his decades long journey as an entrepreneur.

Roli was born in Israel and emigrated to the US at the age of 21. He initially worked in a gas station in Los Angeles, but made some extra money buying and selling used cars. Soon after, he was able to buy a tanning salon in San Diego.

Within a few years, he had enough cash and contacts to start importing items from China. His business exploded with the rise of eBay and he was soon shipping items around the world, including Australia, Europe, and North America. The most amazing part of all this was he was able to run a multinational operation from his sofa. He had no offices, no employees, no warehouses. He ran a virtual corporation.

Today, Roli is a real estate developer, with projects in LA, Las Vegas, and Denver. He continues to run a virtual operation, spending half of his time in the US and half in Israel. I look forward to including more of Roli's story in a chapter on virtual entrepreneurs in my new book, 'Leveling Up in Entrepreneurship'.

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