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Recent Writing

April 1, 2020

This paper explores whether human entrepreneurs will be supplanted by intelligent machines. It starts by considering the capacity for machines to engage in entrepreneurial activity using big data and modern artificial intelligence techniques. A critique of artificial intelligence (AI) is then presented that draws a sharp distinction between narrow AI and general AI. Computers are currently incapable of general AI because they lack a theory of mind and self-awareness. Both of these attributes are critical for successful entrepreneurship making it unlikely that computers will displace human entrepreneurs any time soon.

January 30, 2020

A recent trend in entrepreneurship education has been the emergence of microcredentials. This note provides some cautionary observations on the current state of microcredentials in entrepreneurship, organized around the themes of credibility, legitimacy, and relevance. It then provides some recommendations for the future development of the field, including creating evaluation mechanisms, establishing international standards in entrepreneurship, undertaking more research to establish credibility, forming alliances, and safeguarding relevance.

Improving Entrepreneurial Competencies in the Classroom:
An Extension and In-Study Replication

April 4, 2020

A recent paper by Morris et al. (2013) presented evidence that students can develop entrepreneurial competencies through international fieldwork. This paper explores whether the same competencies can be developed in a traditional classroom setting.

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